Desperate Housewives
Desperate Housewives themed blog. Making my way through creating gifs from every episode season one to eight.

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Omg finally someone who loves desperate housewife on tumblr! Jafds

So happy you like it. ^_^

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There is much to be afraid of in this world. But what we fear has nothing to do with gruesome masks or plastic spiders or life-like monsters. No, it’s the thoughts in our head that terrify us the most. What if she comes to regret her decision? What if he really is unhappy? What if the chance for love has passed forever? How do we conquer these terrifying thoughts? We start by reminding ourselves: What does not kill us, just makes us stronger.
Desperate Housewives
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Do you watch Devious Maids?
ASKED BY Anonymous

No, sorry. :(

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Your blog is wonderful.<3
ASKED BY lynettescavo

Thank you! Yours is amazing too! <3

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Who is your fav housewives?
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Gabby and Bree. :)

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Whilst binge watching Desperate Housewives (I've just started S7), and I love the four DHWives but I've really come to love Kathrine. Bt I just realised she won't be back until the end of S8. D: How does one cope? Sorry, I just felt an overwhelming sadness and sorry if I'm ranting too much... Your blog is awesome and one of the best DH ones out there. :D
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I didn’t like Katherine the first time I watched DH but when I rewatched them I thought she was an amazing character too! I used to think she was a crazy bitch but then when you think about what she’s been through you understand her. :) And thank you so much, it means a lot! :) <3

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Been searching for an active DH blog for a long time! Keep up the amazing work and don't stop blogging! xx
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Thank you! I won’t :) Hopefully will be posting Wednesday and Thursday! x

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love your blog, keep it alive! <3
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Thank you! And I will! :)

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