Desperate Housewives
Desperate Housewives themed blog. Making my way through creating gifs from every episode season one to eight.

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I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who is following me! I’m sorry I’ve not posted much recently, I will try to in a couple of weeks when I have some time off work (currently doing a 54 hour week!). Also if there’s any Desperate Housewives related stuff you’d like me to post apart from gif sets, I’d love to hear suggestions!

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Hey! I'm on S8 of DHwives. I was searching for giffs when I found your tumblr. It is really cool! I'm following you now <3 What's your name and where are you from? I'm Amanda, from Brazil, by the way.
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Hi! Hope you’re enjoying it! Thank you so much! :) I’m going to try and post more gifs soon when I’m not working so much. My name’s Megan and I’m from England! <3

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So I got this card made for my sister&#8217;s 17th birthday today.

So I got this card made for my sister’s 17th birthday today.

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Omg finally someone who loves desperate housewife on tumblr! Jafds

So happy you like it. ^_^

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There is much to be afraid of in this world. But what we fear has nothing to do with gruesome masks or plastic spiders or life-like monsters. No, it’s the thoughts in our head that terrify us the most. What if she comes to regret her decision? What if he really is unhappy? What if the chance for love has passed forever? How do we conquer these terrifying thoughts? We start by reminding ourselves: What does not kill us, just makes us stronger.
Desperate Housewives
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Do you watch Devious Maids?
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No, sorry. :(

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Your blog is wonderful.<3
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Thank you! Yours is amazing too! <3

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Who is your fav housewives?
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Gabby and Bree. :)

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